Sunset in Bali3Some guests wish to have a holiday in Bali simply to begin to see the splendor of sun. Would you therefore? Effectively, Bali is such an excellent location for sun sightseeing so long as you’ll find the very best area, such as:

Jimbaran. Another popular host to interest to determine sun in Bali is Jimbaran. This visitor region is extremely near to Ngurah Rai Airport Terminal. Jimbaran is also visited by individuals by the main reason of fishing, irrespective of viewing sun. Yes, it’s an incredible Bali fishing town. Guests can benefit from the splendor of nature while attempting to capture the Marlin.

Legian. Since it probably becomes an area for viewing sun, surfing, and sunbathing, also Legian is definitely an option of Kuta. Legian is just a suburban location which allows people to get comfortable in the beach in addition to visit public centers quickly, such as for instance restaurants, shopping centers, etc.

Kuta. Kuta may be the most well-known tourist spot in Bali as it pertains to sun and beach. The full time can be spent by international and regional visitors in the beach to view the sun. Nonetheless, Kuta beach may be extremely crowded, which means you can’t genuinely have an intimate time together with your family member throughout the sun. Kuta can also be ideal for sunbathing and surfing.

Whatever field of work in which you worked, any salary you receive, and how was your position in the office whether it’s already permanent employees or contract employees still, it would be advisable if you wrestle with a maximum work, sincerity of heart, and full responsibility responsible for ensuring any work you produce more weight. When you have run this principle in your work, it is not possible the following benefits you will get.

productivity4Become permanent employees

Do not make your position as a contract employee makes you think to work at random. However, be sure to work up or always give the best result in the company. Therefore, if your performance even better result in the unexpected company is not likely you will be appointed as permanent employees.

Get rewarded

When the principle of always giving the best things continue to use until a permanent employee, of the company will give you an appreciation for one is to provide benefits in the form of bonuses, incentives, benefits, compensation, or so forth.

Getting a promotion

Great profession would you get when you continue to prove to the company that you are responsible for duties and responsibilities. Brilliant career can be said the company will not hesitate to give you a promotion into the head of human resources, production, finance, marketing, or so forth.

Getting an award plaque

In addition to getting a good position in the company as well as a bonus, anything else that will be provided by the company when you are giving a maximum working as employee of the month plaque and best. Although this plaque cannot be spent, but its existence can give you satisfaction because not everyone can have it.

dining tableCan you intend to have intimate meal at home? In dining area first if you do, you must build passionate nuance, so she can fall in love with you a lot. How? Regardless of painting wall with affectionate hues, like orange, white, light purple, etc., you need to do a number of things below:

Fit aromatic candles. Getting soy candles is likely to make living area search cozy and intimate. Fit these candles in each part and on table. Remember to place them carefully and be sure that these don’t slip quickly.

Set gorgeous desk blossom. You’ve to enhance your dinner table by placing gorgeous table blossom and adding clean and fresh table cloth. That is also helpful to build fresh setting in this place. If today, you don’t learn where you is going to purchase the correct table flower, consider visiting Rose Counselor that delivers lovely table plants and several good quality, like orchids, lilies, tulips, sunflowers, and white roses. These bloom platforms can be purchased with cost-effective rates, begin from 56.70 dollars to 250.95 dollars. To learn more, visit its website when possible.

Last however not least, hold your photographs together with your special someone. This Can Be beneficial appreciates having intimate meal as well as you and to make her feel relaxed. Besides, if it’s currently shattered you’re strongly suggested to displace your dinning furniture collection with fresh one. In case your flooring seems boring and terrible likewise, install new flooring.

Hopefully you are able to generate romantic environment in living area and appreciate having romantic meal, by doing the items above. Have a great time. :)

happy workers aThere are lots of employees who lose their feeling when operating. This Can Be A huge deal since they’re often not able to function brilliantly. The toughest part is that this makes them-like going home earlier. What must you do, if you cope with this issue? Consider performing one of many issues below, in the event that you don’t understand what to complete:

Pay Attention To your preferred tunes. You’ll need to understand that carrying this out enjoyable exercise helps you get convenience and renew head. Make Sure To pay attention to content tunes, not sad ones. If you’ve an individual workroom you might dance, move both hands, or perform. Use headset or earphone, in the event that you interact with co-workers in an area.

View funny movies. Find funny videos at YouTube and view them. You’ll look and laugh, so you may eliminate poor feeling and your boredom, using this method. Bear in mind to not create sound if you don’t wish to create your co-workers furious.

Phone partner. Carrying this out may be the right option to lessen compelled in your mind. Keep in mind to not contact her exceptionally. Examine your workplace split. Your employer may be likely to scold you, if you consider additional split. Additionally, consider purchasing flower at and then provide it to her house. In this way your partner content and can make you.

Eat chocolate. You may actually hear or find out about chocolate. Yes, chocolate has phenethylamine antioxidant tryptophan and that purpose to promote nature and help you to get your feeling back. Raise your immune protection system and additional capabilities of the food are release a tension.

skin and fruitWomen frequently get confused of locating the methods to eliminate acne scarring, lines, and other beauty issues. They also try hard to get skin whitening treatment. Really, these elegance issues are brought on by bad practice and their very own unhealthy lifestyle, like inadequate diet. Abandon greasy food crap food and that aren’t advantageous to your skin. Instead, it is possible to eat the next healthful fruits:

  1. Papaya. A low-cost and simple-to-get fruit that may make the skin more beautiful and healthier is papaya. Besides, it has additional diet, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. The papaya can be often eaten by you straight or allow it to be like a liquid.
  2. Orange. Orange is among the finest components to create skin vibrant and eliminate acne. People often make the most of the supplements and items of orange to be always a mask put on their experience. Alternately, people drink lemon-juice for beautiful and balanced skin.
  3. Avocado. You certainly realize that avocado is among the most typical components supplied in beauty items, right? Yes, avocado tightens your skin. The same as different fruits and can take away the dead skin cells efficiently, you can use avocado as a hide or drink a liquid.

Apple, orange, and strawberry are three other good fruits for the skin. Don’t forget to consume them daily to possess fantastic skin!

Memories of an event that happened and never experienced in the past. Everyone of course has their own memories of the good the bad and the good, including me. Neither good nor bitter memories would be better if the make memories as a valuable experience in life and can make us more mature in the face of life, is not it? By the way, what is your memory?

The best memories I will never forget is when I was studying in England. Why? See more below!

memorable momentBuy a joint meal with friends. At that time, precisely at the end of the month, my pocket money was gone. Once dry pocket money that I could just eat with a variety of boarding with my friends. The taste is definitely sad, but despite that the fixed plate of rice tastes better.

Walk to campus. A few days later at the time of my story, I was repeating the painful memories but still sweet when remembered. What? Yeah, I remember having to walk away from a boarding house to the campus because there are no more costs. You need to know, the distance of a boarding house is quite far from my campus which is about 15 minutes by foot. So, I suggest that before you choose the university’s good to consider choosing a boarding house which is located close to the campus, okay.

Queuing time of entry into the supermarket. Did you know the culture in the UK? Confused? Culture queued. Yes, if in English culture is so entrenched queue. Maybe you think, the queue is only done when buying a ticket, right? But you need to know, go to the supermarket we are required to stand in line. Yeah, I feel like that time when I want to buy food.

online store aRunning an online store is not easy as you think because you are required to have a good website, promote your products, and compete with other competitors. If you don’t have good online business skill and knowledge, your business will be beaten by competitors easily. You definitely don’t want to experience this problem, right?

Well, to help you enjoy running an online store, you can follow several tips below:

Fix your site if its design looks bad. If you are unable to do this, it is better to ask for help from professional web designers, like Papdan that also offers SEO service if you want to make your site get top rank on SERP. For more information, visit

Apply some internet marketing campaigns. Relying only on one marketing campaign will make you have small opportunity to attract customers’ attention and get much profit. Some marketing campaigns that you can apply are email, social media, and backlink.

jual beli mobilMembangun sebuah bisnis merupakan salah satu cara yang bisa Anda lakukan untuk dapat meningkatkan taraf hidup. Modalnya? Langkah yang bisa Anda lakukan untuk mendapatkan modal adalah dengan meminjam di bank, menggadaikan barang berharga, atau dengan mengajak teman/kerabat Anda untuk bekerjasama. Idenya? Berikut ide bisnis yang cukup menjanjikan dan patut Anda pertimbangkan. Apa?

  • Sewa kapal tongkang. Anda bisa menjadi penyedia angkutan bijih besi, nikel, batubara, kelapa sawit, belerang, atau lainnya. Meskipun modalnya cukup besar, namun sesuai dengan pendapatan yang akan Anda terima.
  • Jual beli mobil bekas. Ada banyak orang yang membutuhkan mobil, namun tak sedikit dari mereka yang tidak memiliki cukup dana untuk membeli mobil baru. Untuk itu, Anda bisa memanfaatkannya dengan menggeluti bisnis jual beli mobil bekas.
  • Sewa virtual office. Setiap perusahaan pasti ingin dapat menekan pengeluaran, terlebih pengeluaran operasional. Peluang yang bisa Anda ambil dalam keadaan ini adalah dengan memberikan solusi terhadap perusahaan tersebut. Dengan cara apa? Dengan menyewakan virtual office.

TravelI always thought about traveling abroad when the holiday comes. I dreamt to go to Paris, London, Rome, Ottawa, Tokyo, and other beautiful places in the world. Nevertheless, I ever got a wise advice from my colleague. She asked me how far I’ve been traveling in my own country. I was just speechless but kept thinking why I never thought about that. In fact, there are two benefits of local travel:

  • Save money. Traveling takes pretty much money. We have to pay for hotel reservation, flight ticket, food, souvenir, and so on. By traveling locally, we can still have fun without spending that much money.
  • Love our country more. Every citizen has to love his/her own hometown and country. We probably get so much influence from foreign culture. That makes us forget how great and beautiful our own country is. After realizing this and starting to travel, now I love Lampung, Lombok, Manado, Medan, and other places in Indonesia.

branded2Bicara soal barang-barang branded, entah itu sepatu atau tas branded, tak bisa dilepaskan dari kehidupan para selebriti. Yuph, tak salah lagi, hidup mereka penuh dengan kegiatan belanja dan mengumpulkan barang branded. Apakah hal itu karena uang mereka yang sangat banyak? Bisa jadi.

Barang-barang branded kan harganya selangit dan itu bukan masalah buat artis.  Kalaupun mereka mengatakan kalau mereka beli barang branded karena hobi, tak ada yang salah karena kembali ke kemampuan mereka untuk memilikinya.

Lalu, entah berhubungan dengan soal harga atau tidak, barang branded dibeli para selebriti untuk alasan gengsi. Mereka kan orang yang selalu jadi sorotan. Malu dong kalau tas mereka nggak branded?

Selain itu, para selebriti menggunakan barang-barang branded karena alasan penampilan. Ya, mereka selalu dituntut untuk tampil sempurna di depan kamera. Oleh karena itu mereka mutlak perlu mempunyai barang branded yang jelas-jelas model dan desainnya tak perlu diragukan untuk bisa menunjuang penampilan.

Lalu, bagaimana kalau alasan investasi? Kayaknya selebriti punya properti yang lebih berharga buat diinvestasikan deh!

woman drivingI really love my new automatic car. That was a reward for my great achievement in the end of 2013. As a daughter, I am always reminded by my father to be careful of driving even though my car uses automatic transmission. Here are safe driving tips he always remind to me:

  1. Wear safety belt. “What’s the point of wearing a seat belt?”, this is what I was wondering before I finally owned a car. Now, I understood that wearing safety belt is aimed to minimize the risks of physical injuries in a car accident.
  2. Lock the doors. My father also warns me to lock all doors of my car as well as the windows especially when I am driving alone.
  3. Watch out. One crucial thing I always remember is to always watch out while driving. Pay attention to other drivers and passengers to prevent accident. I also take notice of traffic signs.

drive UTV bWhat is your plan this weekend? If you don’t have plan yet, enjoy this weekend by driving UTV. You can explore rock and mud area and get new experience. This activity can also help you release your stress. Are you keen on doing this? If you are, to make you enjoy driving UTV, you should do several tips below first:

Install soft and cool seat. To get comfort when driving, you need to sit on soft and cool seat. For this, install good seat first. If now, you still feel confused of choosing the right seat, consider buying Polaris RZR seat, like Beard Torque seat, Twisted Stitch New Excel bucket seat, Beard 4 point safety harness with automotive buckle, etc.

Install cab enclosure. To protect you from rain and sun light, install cab enclosure. This part is easy to install and release, so when feeling bored, you can release it anytime.

Hopefully, by doing these, you can enjoy driving UTV. :)

Panasonic Lumix FT1Kamera digital adalah perangkat yang perlu dibawa kemana-mana, menurut sebagian besar orang. Mereka ingin mengabadikan momen-momen berharga bersama orang-orang tercinta. Di samping itu, ada juga orang yang baru belajar menggeluti dunia fotografi, mengantongi kamera digital sudah cukup bagi mereka. Nah, jika Anda menginginkan kamera yang pas baik untuk menangkap momen indah atau belajar mengambil foto dengan benar, Panasonic Lumiz FT1 bisa menjadi pilihan tepat.

Kamera Panasonic Lumix FT1 adalah kamera poket yang memiliki kualitas top. Keunggulan utamanya yakni  tahan air, debu, dan guncangan sehingga umurnya akan cukup panjang di tangan Anda.

Kamera berukuran 98.3 x 63.1 x 23 mm dengan bobot 162.5 gram ini memiliki 12-megapiksel kamera yang dilengkapi dengan 9.1x optical zoom, perekaman video HD, dan flash. Fitur iA (Intelligent Auto) berfungsi sebagai face recognition atau pendeteksian wajah. Hal-hal unggul disediakan oleh Panasonic Lumix FT1 adalah daya tahan baterai hingga pengambilan 340 foto, 2.7 inchi LCD, dan ISO Control.

Dapatkan Panasonic Lumix FT1 dengan harga penawaran terbaik hanya di

culinarySome people love doing a culinary traveling. They go to a place for only tasting the typical foods. You can also do that if you’re bored of doing ordinary traveling. Here are the tips on doing a culinary traveling:

First, look for information about the list of all of the typical foods in the tourism place you want to go to. It’s for making you know clearly what to eat. Also look for information about the name of the restaurants that sell the each food.

Second, see the list of the foods and choose what to eat. If there are hundred foods, you don’t want to eat all of them, right? Just choose some you like. Also determine the restaurants.

Third, it’s better if you check the price of the each food you want to eat as well. It’s for making you know how much money you need to prepare.

broken dishwasherSix months ago, I bought a dishwasher to ease me my household jobs. Unfortunately, now that kitchen appliance is broken, so I cannot use it anymore. To solve this problem, I called expert to repair it. He told me that damaged to dishwasher happens because of:

Corrosion. After using a dishwasher, owners are required to clean it regularly. Besides, put it in safe area. This means that it does not stick to sun light intensity and is not in wet condition for a long time. My mistake is putting this kitchen appliance in wet area in dirty condition, so it is corroded.

Indiscriminate use of dishwasher. Look how many capacities of dishwasher and how to use it well so owners don’t use it carelessly. I often enter many dishes and much detergent, so this kitchen appliance is often clogged and fail to work optimally.

I am suggested to replace my bad dishwasher with new one by that expert.

kakak lakiBagi kamu yang punya saudara perempuan (kakak perempuan), pasti kamu tahu sekali apa saja manfaat punya kakak perempuan. Pertama, kamu bisa selalu dapat saran soal kecantikan. Kedua, kamu bisa saling pinjem baju dan fashion so kamu bisa hemat uang deh. Hihihi…Sekarang, bagaimana dengan kakak laki-laki? Apakah mempunyai seorang kakak laki-laki juga menawarkan manfaat buatmu (kamu cewek)? Tentunya.

Memiliki kakak laki-laki, kamu akan merasa tenang karena kamu punya seorang pelindung. Ya..pada umumnya seorang kakak laki-laki akan begitu sayang dengan adik perempuannya, bahkan sampai adiknya tersebut tumbuh dewasa.

Ia nggak akan membiarkan ada satu orang pun menyakiti adiknya. Kalau sampai itu terjadi, ia tak akan tinggal diam. Nah, namun kamu harus tahu kalau tak semua kakak laki-laki menunjukkan rasa sayang dan pedulinya ini secara terang-terangan. Ada yang peduli dibalik kekasaran dan kecuekannya.

Selain itu, dengan memiliki kakak laki-laki, kamu akan tahu banyak soal kehidupan laki-laki. Dengan begitu, kamu akan cenderung mudah mendekati dan memahami laki-laki nantinya.


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berkemahDi desa Gondong Rejo, Pekalongan, Lampung terdapat sebuah objek wisata keluarga bernama Taman Wisata Tirta Swadaya. Taman ini cukup luas dan memiliki danau buatan yang bisa dijelajahi dengan menggunakan perahu yang telah disediakan. Btw, minggu lalu aku dan beberapa teman pramukaku pergi menuju Taman Wisata Tirta Swadaya untuk berkemah.

Di tempat ini sekolahku sedang mengadakan acara kemah bersama dalam rangka mempererat tali persaudaraan antar kelas dan adik-adik kelas. Peserta dalam acara ini berjumlah lebih dari 50 orang. Berkemah di Taman Wisata Tirta Swadaya memang menyenangkan karena sudah ada area perkemahan yang aman dan nyaman.

Selama berkemah di objek wisata tersebut, kami mengadakan beberapa perlombaan seperti lomba mendirikan tenda dan lomba membuat tandu dari kayu dan tali. Aku dan temanku yang lebih berpengalaman tentu dapat memenangkan perlombaan tersebut dengan mudah. Kalo adik-adik kelasku masih belum banyak pengalaman dalam berkemah sehingga aku harus membantu mereka untuk mendirikan tenda mereka. Meskipun hanya sehari berada di sana, aku sangat merasa bahagia karena bisa menambah pengalamanku.

KAROLiburan ke medan dan menginap di Grand Sakura Hotel Medan, ada baiknya anda mampir ke kabupaten Karo, salah satu kabupaten yang terkenal di kota Medan, Sumatera Utara. Salah satu hal yang membuatnya terkenal yaitu karena kabupaten ini berada di Dataran Tinggi Karo, Bukit Barisan Sumatera Utara.

Itulah mengapa lalu Kabupaten Karo merrupakan salah satu tempat tujuan wisata pelandong kala ke Medan, yaitu karena lokasinya yang tinggi (600 sampai 1.400 mdpl) yang pastinya menawarkan pemandangan yang indah dan cuaca yang segar.

Selain itu, memang ada banyak sekali wisata alam di sana. Dua gunung paling tinggi di Sumatera Utara, yaitu gunung Sibayak dan Sinabung berada di kabupaten ini.

Kabupaten Karo pun tempat di mana lebih dari 50 sungai bermuara. Selain itu, ada pula danau Lau Kawar yang membentang di bawah kaki Sinabung.

Adapun batas-batas wilayah kabupaten Karo adalah kabupaten Aceh tTenggara, Langkat, dan Deli Serdang di bagian utara, kabupaten Dairi dan Samosir di bagian selatan, kabupaten Aceh Tenggara di bagian barat, dan kabupaten Deli Serdang dan Simalungun di bagian timur.

ekstraBanyak siswa SMA yang bersemangat sekali ikut kegiatan ekstrakurikuler sekolah, baik yang berhubungan dengan olaharga atau seni. Kamu salah satunya? Teruskan hobimu atau kegiatanmu karena ada banyak manfaat yang akan kamu dapat:

  • Kamu akan punya kegiatan selingan penghilamg stress di sekolah. Bayangkan kalau kamu hanya melulu bekajar, bukan nggak mungkin kamu akan stress.
  • Kamu bisa mengembangkan hobi. Lagi-lagi hobi bisa hilangin stress loh.
  • Kalau kamu berprestasi dalam kegiatan ektrakuriluler yang kamu ikuti, misalnya olahraga badminton, bela diri, atau seni lukis atau tari, kamu bisa mendapatakan beasiswa S1. Tinggal cari saja program beasiswa yang diperuntukkan bukan hanya siswa yang berprestasi di bidang akdemik namun juga olahraga dan seni.
  • Kamu akan banyak mendapatkan pelajaran, seperti belajar berorganisasi dan berkomunikasi / bermasyarakat.
  • Kamu akan lebih terampil mengatur waktu karena kegiatan kamu banyak.
  • Kamu akan lebih sehat karena banyak bergerak, terutama kalau kegiatan yang kamu ikuti berhubungan dengan olahraga.
  • Kamu akan punya banyak teman, bukan hanya teman sekelas, namun juga teman sesama anggota kegiatan ekstrakurikuler.